"The two concertos by Yiu-Kwong Chung, with their almost shocking array of colors, will be most immediately appealing."

Raymond Tuttle, FANFARE

"Chung Yiu-kwong has the group playing with fine ensemble qualities, and the orchestra's timbres are familiar enough to be immediately assimilable, but different enough to be intriguing."

David Hurwitz, Classics Today

"It has a gorgeous sound, and conductor Yiu-kwong Chung coaxed a wide range of dynamic contrasts and emotions from the group."

Jon Ross, ArtsCriticATL.com

"A master storyteller, Chung writes with a bold expressiveness that could come across as phony- yet it does not.....This is a name to watch for."

Ruth Wilson, wasbe.org

General Director, Taipei Chinese Orchestra

Yiu-kwong Chung is Taiwan's best known and most often performed composer.  His music, distinguished by its profound Chinese philosophical background and expressive range, has won large and enthusiastic audiences all over the world.  He has written for every conceivable type of music ranging from the grandest orchestral work, Chinese opera, musicals, to the most intimate piece in New Age style.

Recent commissions include a new Opera Meng Xiaodong, Concerto for String Quartet and Chinese Orchestra dedicated to Kronos Quartet, Trombone Concertino Recuillement dedicated to Christian Lindberg, 2nd Saxophone Concerto dedicated to Claude Delangle, Mongolian Fantasy for Cello and Chinese Orchestra to Mischa Maisky. The percussion concerto for Taipei 2009 Deaflympics was world-premiered by Evelyn Glennie and will be released under BIS label in 2012. Two saxophone concerti with Claude Delangle as soloist were released under BIS label in May 2011 in addition to the flute concerto and Whirling Dance dedicated to Sharon Bezaly released in April 2009. In March 2000, The Eternal City for Chinese Orchestra captured the 1st prize of the 21st Century International Composition Competition held by the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra. His another 1st-prize winning chamber work in 1986, Chariots Ballad for Solo Marimba and 7 Percussionists, quickly becomes the percussion ensemble classic. Festive Celebration for Wind Orchestra, now published by Musikverlag Johann Kliment KG in Vienna, has been performed by many orchestras throughout the world and is recorded on the 7th and the 8th WASBE Conference CD sets.  His two bold and energetic pieces Dance of the Earth and Taiwanese Children Song , performed by cellist Yo-Yo Ma, are recorded on SONY-Taiwan's Super Charm Yo-Yo MA Album.

He received his Doctoral of Musical Arts (D.M.A.) degree in percussion in 1991 and Ph.D. degree in composition in 1995 from the Graduate Center, City University of New York. His D.M.A. dissertation Hans Werner Henze's Five Scenes from the Snow Country: An Analysis (available at UMI Dissertation Information Service) was granted the Barry Brook Dissertation Award.  In 1995, based on structures, orderly sequence, and symbolism of the 64 hexagrams, Chung invented I-Ching Compositional System (ICCS) which is now regarded as the most successful exemplar of integrating fundamental Chinese Yin-yang philosophy into Western contemporary compositional and analytical theories.

Yiu-kwong Chung:  Music of the Second Part of the Kaohsiung World Games Opening Ceremony, is a blend of traditional Taiwanese music fused with popular musical elements.




5 October, 2015
Taipei City 130th Anniversary Gala Concert,  Erhu: Yan Jiemin, Taipei Chinese Orchestra and Evergreen Symphony Orchestra. National Concert Hall, Taipei

19 October, 2015
Taipei Chinese Orchestra,  Piano: Hu Ching-yun. Erhu: Yan Jiemin, Macau Cultural Center, Macau

31 October, 2015
Taipei Chinese Orchestra,  Hong Kong  Cultural Center, Hong Kong

1 November, 2015
Peking Operatic Musical Meng Xiaogong, Taipei Chinese Orchestra,  Hong Kong  Cultural Center, Hong Kong





Christian Lindberg.


En Shao conducts Taipei Chinese Orchestra, released worldwide in November, 2011.




Claude Delangle.



En Shao conducts Taipei Chinese Orchestra, released worldwide in May 2011.



Sharon Bezaly, Flute

Yiu-kwong Chung conducts Taipei Chinese Orchestra, released worldwide in April 2009.

The Best Traditional Music Album Award and Jury Award--The 21st Golden Melody Award, Taiwan

Concerto for Marimba and Wind Ensemble published by C. Alan Publications in 2011




2014-2015 Commission Projects:

Erhu Concerto No. 2 Butterfly Lovers;

Red Cliff  Concerto for Piano and Chinese Orchestra

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